After You Say, "I Do!"

Is this what our 'Happily Ever After' is supposed to look like?

Have you said:

You don't listen to me !

          We don't seem to have anything in common anymore. We're growing apart.

You think it's all about you!           

You can make changes. I can help.

Understand each other more ,

Rediscover fun in your relationship,

Talk through difficult topics,

Avoid conversation-shut-down,

                           And much more.

               Every couple has hot topics. You  can approach them with respect for each other to build up instead of tear down.


What if you had someone who knows your marriage is not happy of one of you in the marriage is not happy.

Someone who is focused on strengthening your relationship?

Someone who helps you discover your strengths and how they blend with your partner's.

Someone to plan action steps to make your dream of a intimate, committed and passionate marriage a reality?

That's what I do.

Let's explore together. 

Contact me.