After Dad's death and before we knew how Steven's sight was diminished, God gave me another opportunity to go to the people of Cambodia. The first trip I was there to support with prayer as each person received their eye exam and glasses if they needed them.  -- This time I was one of the teachers for the WE CAN mission. My role was talking to and with them about God's love for each of them. I loved every minute.  We saw people's lives changed. One young girl who had been deaf since birth received hearing.  One man thanked us because now he knew how to love his wife.

What's your name?

The children at the market knew a tiny bit of English. They would call out, "What's your name?"

Power line poles

the people coming

Even before we unloaded, the people began coming.

My translator and I sharing. The man in the front row is a pastor who loves sharing Jesus.