I hope you enjoy the general family pictures:

Brothers making their own car at the Science Museum

Science Museum

Evan delighted with his work
Dustin repairing his car
Breanna making her plans

Emily and Elizabeth receiving their favorite gifts from their grandparents--Calendars. Horses for Emily and Shoes for Elizabeth.

Emily receiving horse calander
Elizabeth receiving shoe calander

What's summer without time at the swimming hole?

Kramers in favorite summer activity
Kramers with Shawn for picnic

Shannon and Phil took a cruise in the fall for a Leadership Conference. I had the grandkids for almost a week!



And a gormet donut shop:

Evan, Isabella Dustin and Trevor
Breanna, Evan, Isabella, and Dustin

A few trips to the Dallas gardens.


Shawn and Shelly added a lot of animals in the last few years to their organic gardening

Shawn and Shelly with dog like goat
Shelly -- two lambs and a dog
Shawn with fresh produce
Shelly in garden