Coaching is Your Personal Think Tank

The Topic is Your Marriage

I help you and your partner grow closer and more united.

This gives you:

  • a  certainty about pursuing a particular path,
  • deeper relationships ,  
  • what yourmarriage means within the purposes of God for you and others.

Because every part of your life is interwoven with each other, the changes you make--or fail to make--impact your life in far more ways than are first apparent.

I have helped clients:

  •  take the steps needed to create a new career.
  •  transition as a coupleto a meaningful and satisfying retirement.
  • discover their God-given vision and purpose for their marriage..
  • live from the confidence of their strengths and pursue a new relationship.
  • increase love and understanding with their partners as during  transitions.
  • find happiness and meaning in their present relationships.

Coaching :

Personal and spiritual growth

Engaged Couples

Marriage Relationships

Sheila Kale, Life Coach

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