Steven's daughter, Karen has celebrated Jack, her husband's retirement and Emily, her oldest daughter's graduation. 

Happy, happy times.


Now Emily is in her second year at LeTourneau university.

She is studying engineering, but spends her summers helpind handicapped children enjoy horseback riding.

Pam, Steven's daughter in Flag Staff, celebrates the life and recovery of her husband, Matthew, after a life threatening explosion burned much of his body. He has recovered beautifully thanks to prayer and modern medical help.

Their son, Joe, received his Eagle Scout Award.

Dad stepped into Heaven in September of 2016. In God's gracious provision, I walked with him as he approached the time of parting. One of the gifts of  that time was my oldest brother, Don, came also to be with Dad.


Mom and Dad together again:

Mother and Daddy 4 years ago

Still growing and learning with Toastmasters: This year I achieved the  Distinguished Toastmaster Award. Steven put the medal around my neck at the ceremony.