I am Sheila Sattler Kale

Child of God, Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Friend,  

Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Organic Gardener, Artist.

Sheila Kale, Life Coach

About me is about you, too.

I love people—not big generalized groups of people lumped all together. It’s the individual, the small group interaction that makes me come alive. Within the search for answers, as the moment of understanding comes to life, I feel like I am witness to a glimpse of God.

No duplicates exist; no one else can fill the place intended just for you. It’s like a puzzle. If a piece is missing no other piece fills it; it is just missing.

Coaching is about shining the light on you and finding the exact place you fit in the bigger picture. It’s about experiencing the excitement and peace of fitting perfectly where God created a place just for you. No one except you has all the exact abilities, experiences, strengths and weaknesses needed for your place in God’s design.

One of the greatest satisfactions of my life is helping make that discovery easier and more likely. The process of finding the freedom and empowerment that understanding gives a person truly is holy ground.

Find Peace -- Find Joy

I help those who come to me find peace, acceptance, and find ways to remove the things that bring chaos into their life. Together we identify the things that bring joy and liberate you to do more of those things.
If you are looking for someone who will kick you into action, that is not me.

But if you are looking for someone who will recognize and expand your understanding of the value inherent in your deepest desires and help you live freely operating from your strengths and God'given gifts, I am a perfect match.

Life Coach, Speaker, Writer

As a bookstore owner/manager, people valued my knowledge, encouragement, and insight. I listened to their needs and matched them with books or other resources.

As a writer and speaker it is my knowledge, insight, sense of humor, ability to tell a good story, and encouragement that is valued.
But as a life coach:

 I listen for the wisdom within the person I am coaching,
• trust their insight,
• find the deeper story  beneath the obvious,
• look for perspectives that may not have been explored, AND together we discover purposes, desires, and abilities waiting to be lived fully.

In the Bible it says, “A person's words can be a source of wisdom, deep as the ocean, fresh as a flowing stream.” Proverbs 18:4 GNT
In the 20th chapter it goes on to say, “A person's thoughts are like water in a deep well, but someone with insight can draw them out.

As a coach, I ask the questions you need to hear yourself answer and draw out God’s truth for you.

Faith Journey:

Anything about memust start with my faith journey that divides well into three stages:
• Child-like faith and trust.
• Rebellion, questioning, and rejection of faith as a teenager
• Gratefully returned to trust and faith as a young wife and mother...

 Questions and doubts do not mean the end of relationship with our Savior and Heavenly Father. Instead they draw us deeper and closer – though it may take a while. God is patient, loving and always at work.


Portrait artist—

       Coaching is very much like painting. Michael Angelo said of his art, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”   It is the task of the coach to work together with the one being coached to set free the full intention of our Creator.
       I painted to capture moments when in some way each person reflects the image of God. That is the place of excitement, growth, and alignment with God. That is also the excitement of coaching.

From City Girl to Rancher’s Wife

—When I moved from Dallas Texas to a tiny town with a two-room schoolhouse---that was a huge transition in perspective. – A life coach often helps during times of transition. It is not only what you do, but the attitudes and intention of your heart in the process. How is God growing you, challenging you, and inviting you into a larger story?

Owner and manager of The Closer Walk Christian Bookstore

For 27 years—the grace of God took me, His child who rejected Him and doubted him, and put me in service to others in His name as He grew me.
It was God’s mercy that gave me a connection and responsibility  to others when I would have otherwise chosen to hide and isolate in my grief when my husband of 16 years was killed in an accident.

Inspirational Speaker:

I facilitated retreats for women as an outreach for the Closer Walk ChristianBookstore. When I finally admitted I really had something important to say and I love speaking to groups, I joined Toastmasters International to learn new  skills and sharpened what God placed in my heart. For more information about what I offer as a professional speaker, go to:  http://www.sheilaspeakshope.com

Christian Life Coach

--Transition from a career I loved of connecting people to just the right books and other products to deepen their walk with God to, a new calling involved a time of unknowing, searching my own heart and God's direction.


I have been published in two Chicken Soup anthologies: Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love, a story about my husband's proposal, "Who Are You" and Chicken Soup for the Soul the Power of Forgiveness, a story about God's healing after my divorce, "Canvas of Forgiveness."

Love is a Decision Devotional published by Bethany House also contains one of my devotions.

I have also been published in numerous devotionals and industry journals.

Life events:

Birth of two beautiful children confronted me with the wonder and awe of life that I carried in my body but I did not create.

Loss of my children’s father, my husband, in an automobile accident rocked my world with sorrow and questions. God revealed his Presence in a way perfectly tailored so I could forever know He is with me and with others through their darkest times.

I remarried  four years later.

Divorce — It was the one thing I never thought would be part of my life.

Death came again. My ex-husband overdosed on drugs six months after our divorce.

During the hardest times, I felt the closest to God. There are no good words to describe the sense of His Presence. Forever I know and believe for others as well, that God does not forsake us because of failure or sin or any reason at all. His invitation is always open to bring every part of ourselves to Him to mold and shape for our good and His purposes.

Remarriage — It is awe-inducing to experience God's mercy and grace in the gift of a gentle, loving, man of integrity.

Chronic pain -- My husband suffers chronic pain as a result of Guillain-Barre syndrome.

 Daily seeking answers to questions of faith in relation to constant pain and fatigue also keeps us aware of how precious each moment, person, and blessing in our life is. We are deeply thankful.

Grandchildren - Absolute delight comes bundled with, how much time can I spend with them, trusting God with every aspect of their lives, and remembering that God gave them parents. My role is much more fun: I am 'Nana'. 

Closing the Closer Walk Christianbookstore after 27 years-- So much of my identity was wrapped up in the bookstore , letting it go was another emotional, questioning time of my life. God graciously gave me an interim focus, organic gardening, as a time of healing before He revealed more of His plan.